Exinda Network Orchestrator appliances are purpose built for Network Managers and Administrators who want one solution to manage the way users, traffic, devices and applications behave on the network.


They are built for geographically dispersed enterprises that need an integrated solution that combines network diagnostics, bandwidth shaping, and application acceleration in an easy to use suite.

The Exinda Network Orchestrator has been architected to solve the biggest problems in your IT environment today.  Enhanced analytics, automated recommendations, ad purpose built reports all in one platform help make it easier to manage your network.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating the need to upgrade bandwidth to support low-priority student traffic
  • Protecting bandwidth for strategic WAN and Internet applications
  • Staying compliant with HEOA, RIAA and related regulations
  • Applying simple user policies to track activity across multiple devices in a BYOD environment
  • Easily identifying bandwidth hogs and quickly remediating issues
  • Highly available and scalable platforms with the ability to support up to 10 Gbps interfaces
  • Monitoring and configuring all your applications, devices, users, locations and activities from one easy to use management dashboard

Below is a 3 min demonstration video to refresh your memory


In today’s world where Bandwidth demand is growing at a rate that far outpaces bandwidth economies. Attempting to manage the bandwidth consumption and application performance for 2 or 3 devices per user, without a contextual insight into the traffic will not scale, even with an army of IT specialists.

Given the growing dependence on cloud services, mobile devices and distance learning within modern education institutions, strategically orchestrating the WAN bandwidth can have greater impact than ever before and can, in fact, make the whole network smarter.



Exinda’s QX Boost for Skype for Business Provides End-to-End Application Visibility and Control From the Network to the Cloud